Fiona’s Time Machine [ a new exciting comic series from the dirty mind of Adam! ]
On the verge of depression from a waning marriage Fiona finds herself being mistakenly the recipient of a time machine that in part resembles a vibrator. During one night of bliss and masturbation with the time machine, she activates it and finds herself in around 500AD. When Fiona travels through time she gets separated from her vibrator. During her escapades Fiona finds out two things: Masturbation is the only thing that seemingly can activate the time machine. And people in history's past and future are much more horny than she could have ever imagined.


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Chicas [ currently over 25 issues! ]
With ever increasing organized crime and threats of global terrorism to the western world, the United States in a partnership with five other countries join forces to form a secret coalition named the Intercontinental Enforcement Alliance (IEA) to fight these threats with unconventional law. A rigorous recruiting process took place to assemble a unit of five beautiful women skilled in separate areas of espionage. After experiencing problems with the American finalist, the IEA decided on four of the five finalists.. all of which who were from the Latin countries of Cuba, Venezuela, Mexcio and Colombia. This four woman team of Latin beauties became known as "Chicas". They are:

Former girlfriend of the mob kingpin Molina, "Mo" is the leader of the Chicas. Mo finds herself as being the "mature one". Although she does like sex, she claims to never have time for it.


Kandi was a stripper in Mexico when she was recruited by the IEA. Kandi was recruited because of her poise, creativity and her ability to use her "mouth" to get out of any situation.


Cammi is one of the most wanted Cubans in the world for freeing political prisoners. She is well connected throughout the Latin world and was recruited for her expertise in munitions and demolition.


Dot was a former contortionist and acrobat for a circus that was rooted in Columbia. Dot is a computer whiz who is also skilled in makeup, escape techniques, and computer espionage.

When there is a job that must be done at any cost, the IEA sends in the Chicas.


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